Residual Residual Residual samples samples samples

What that is

Samples of biological material

are any tissues and media of the human body: whole blood, serum, plasma, mucosal smears (swats) and scrapings, urine, feces, and much more. Residuals are those biosamples that remained in a medical laboratory or clinic as a result of the patient’s passing the respective tests.

What residual biosamples are used for

To invent a new vaccine or medicine, samples of biomaterial with a specific pathogen are required, in other words, “assays” of patients containing the virus against which the drug or vaccine is being developed. For example, mucosal swats that test positive for COVID-19 can be used in scientific research to develop a new coronavirus vaccine.

Working with samples of biological material for their further use in scientific research is referred to as biobanking—which is the activity of MedBioGuide. In our work, we focus on lifestyle diseases, oncopathology, infectious, autoimmune, and other diseases, acting as a link in the development of medical science and technology.

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