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We support the global and domestic medical community in the organization and implementation of research and development, production and logistics projects, clinical trials, and strategic medical events. Our goal is to be an important link in the development of medical science and technology.

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The mission of MedBioGuide is to actively participate in development of the medical science by organizing close interaction between research centers and pharmaceutical companies on the one hand and medical laboratories and healthcare facilities on the other.

For example, a pharmaceutical company is developing a new drug to treat hepatitis C. To test it, one needs to find a certain amount of blood serum contaminated with this virus. The most effective way is to take already available biomaterial (blood that was donated by patients and where the hepatitis C virus was diagnosed) in a medical laboratory or hospital.

The scheme of MedBioGuide’s operation is interaction of all the parties. We collaborate with private and public hospitals, clinics, oncology centers, and medical laboratories to find and ensure supplies of biomaterial samples required by research centers and pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs, vaccines, and modern medical technologies. The company’s activities comply with international biobanking standards ISBER Best Practices For Repositories, ISO 9001 and ISO 15189 standards, and are carried out in compliance with the Law of Ukraine On the Protection of Personal Data and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Search for solutions

In the last 10 years, the incidence of cancer globally has grown by almost 30 %! Medical science is constantly looking for new therapeutic and diagnostic solutions to combat this deadly disease. The world’s leading companies use patient biomaterial (with their voluntary consent) to find and implement innovative methods for diagnosing and treating cancer. Biomaterial samples in the field of oncology are malignant and benign formations removed from the patient’s body during a surgical operation or medical examination. Provision of such biosamples for further scientific research occurs only with the written consent of the patient.

Information for the patient

By providing a written consent for use of your biomaterial (malignant or benign tumor removed from your body) in scientific research, you help the international medical community and contribute to search and development of new effective methods for cancer diagnostics and treatment. You receive psychological support and the opportunity to further participate in other related research projects.

Benefits for healthcare facilities:

  1. Participation of a healthcare facility in search for solutions to the challenges of oncopathology, infectious diseases, and lifestyle diseases.
  2. The possibility of those results of medical projects will be included in international publications by leading medical publishing houses.
  3. Prestige of the medical institutions and physicians in the international medical arena.
  4. Financing of medical institutions and physicians from non-public funds.
  5. The possibility of further participation in other related medical observations, clinical trials, and R&D projects.
  6. Qualified assistance in analysis and processing of the medical data received.

Residual Residual Residual samples samples samples

What that is

Samples of biological material are any tissues and media of the human body: whole blood, serum, plasma, mucosal smears (swats) and scrapings, urine, feces, and much more. Residuals are those biosamples that remained in a medical laboratory or clinic as a result of the patient’s passing the respective tests.

What residual biosamples are used for

To invent a new vaccine or medicine, samples of biomaterial with a specific pathogen are required, in other words, “assays” of patients containing the virus against which the drug or vaccine is being developed. For example, mucosal swats that test positive for COVID-19 can be used in scientific research to develop a new coronavirus vaccine.

Working with samples of biological material for their further use in scientific research is referred to as biobanking—which is the activity of MedBioGuide. In our work, we focus on lifestyle diseases, oncopathology, infectious, autoimmune, and other diseases, acting as a link in the development of medical science and technology.

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